Diagnostic Hand Analysis

Edo Sprong passed away on October 16th 2013 in Almere, the Netherlands.

Edo Sprong m.g. (morphology graduate) started his career as a management consultant.
He was the director of the Academie Antropodynamica. Edo took intensive training courses in Hasta Samudrika Shastra (Scientific Hand Analysis) and trained in several disciplines such as Gestalt, N.L.P., depth psychology, transpersonal therapy and psychology, hypnotherapy, eastern and western philosophy.
He gained much practical experience and works as a management consultant on personal matters and gives management training.
He was an accredited member of the N.V.P.A. (Netherlands Union for psychologists, experts in the social science relating to the promotion of personal, social and cultural welfare, and psychotherapists).

Edo Sprong is the author of the book ‘Hand Analysis. The Diagnostic Method´, published by Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. New York , 1991.

Philosophy of the training course

The lectures of the Academy are called communicators, our style is metanoic, this means inspired and inspiring communication on the systems and philosophies by way of interaction between the group and the communicator; in this way the training course may be a joyful experience for all concerned.
The learning process takes place through theory as well as experience, especially the philosophical concepts behind the subject matter are clarified, in order to integrate experience and expertise. The students are encouraged to reach transpersonal growth during the course.

Diagnostic Hand Analysis training course

Diagnostic Hand Analysis for psychological guidance and self-awareness is based on the ancient Indian system HASTA SAMUDRIKA SHASTRA and taught in combination with old and new philosophies and insights in psychological, neurological and therapeutic fields.
The course therefore comprises a great deal more than hand analysis alone, the lectures on the system focus on understanding, in which the why’s of the thumb, types of hands, lines, mounts and fingers are explained against the wider context of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual patterns of behaviour .

Diagnostic Hand Analysis provides a deep insight in psychological human processes and gives a solid basis to targeted therapy.
The basic course takes 12 days and is taught in English in different countries.
The certificate gives access to the follow-up course as well as to the Transpersonal Therapy course.

Transpersonal Therapy course (follow-up therapy)

Western and eastern philosophies and therapeutic models have contributed to the development of transpersonal therapy and psychology.
Spiritual theory (noetic) and research into the so called cosmic consciousness, super-consciousness and self-reflecting consciousness are the dimensions of the core of this psychological system.

Transpersonal means that a process takes place in which the individual arises as it were above the personal, above the ‘stimulus-response level’.
The therapy aims at transforming negative traits: restructuring and then reaching increasingly deeper layers in more comprehensive levels of the own Self.

The course comprises, inter alia, cosmology, psychocebernetics (helmsman ship of the Self), trance and transformation therapy, reincarnation techniques and many other therapeutic models and meditations as well as Hand Palm Therapy ®.

For whom is the course intended?

People already conversant with giving psychological guidance to their fellow men who wish to refine their diagnosis and follow-up in this field, i.e. teachers, social workers, doctors, personnel managers, psychologists, lawyers, homeopathic healers and people from the business community.

People who see the study as a creative occupation to fill their leisure time and who would like to broaden, deepen and transform themselves and improve their capacity to communicate.
The study of Diagnostic Hand Analysis and/or Transpersonal Therapy leads forwards a milder attitude to others, better understanding of the motives behind the thoughts, wishes and feelings of others and themselves. All these disciplines relate to the structure of the phenomenon ‘man’.

People who wish to establish themselves as professional hand analysts and/or transpersonal therapists.